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The independent EZ Rated seal certifies that ordinary consumers have found a given product easy to setup and first use for its basic purpose. The seal also provides guidance on the required time to accomplish these tasks.

For example the EZ Rated 30/10 seal signifies that a given product has demonstrated that it can be setup in an average of less than 30-minutes, and can be first used in an average of less than 10-minutes for its basic purpose.

EZ Rated's certification and time guidance system results from detailed anthropological evaluations. In this process, we employ "mechanically disinclined" individuals who match the product's expected customer base. These individuals must set up and use the product for its basic purpose--just like you would at home or at work. It is what we call having an "out-of-box experience," as it is nearly identical to when you first open your new purchase and take the product out-of-the-box. Our system is designed to reflect the expected experience of 90% of the product's owners, 90% of the time. If our mechanically disinclined consumers can easily setup and use a product out-of-the-box, you can too--in the same time or less!

Not only do EZ Rated products have to pass the above evaluation, they must also pass EZ Rated's published standards for ease of setup and first use. These standards ensure that the product has been produced with you the consumer closely in mind. The standards are extensive and specific--to make sure that any product carrying the EZ Rated ease-of-use seal is a product worthy of your full consideration.

EZ Rated products are easier!

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