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'EZ Rated "invented" systems for providing ubiquitous product-rating information to consumers' 
Wall Street Journal

he Good Housekeeping, UL, and EZ Rated seals are all tools that help identify products on-the-shelf that have met certain important standards. Exercise your rights, as well as your good judgment; choose the products that have met the higher standards and on average you will choose better products.

For example, the Good Housekeeping seal will allow for better warranty protection, while the EZ Rated seal assures that you can set up and use your purchase quickly (click to learn more). If a product is poorly designed, and it can be very hard to tell from just looking at the box, it will not carry independent certifications like those listed above.

Unless we as consumers refuse to purchase poorly executed products we have no power to improve our plight. Vote yes for consumerism with your dollars--buy professionally tested and certified products.

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Megapixel and digital zoom one-upsmanship have proven effective marketing tools, but these features appear to be emphasized at the expense of other important aspects of the digicam consumer experience. (Click for the complete article.)

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When it comes to assembling products that are labeled "assembly required," Glenn Slovenko is a man of little patience. (Click for the complete article.)

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The EZ Rated ease-of-use seal clearly answers two decisive consumer questions: "How much time is this product going to require?" and "How complicated is this product going to be to use at first?" In addition to being quick and easy, EZ Rated certified products are compliant with commonsense standards for consumer-friendly design, documentation, marketing, and labeling practices.

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Wall Street Journal

. . . EZ Rated, who passed along the following: . . . CD-RW disks are inherently unreliable, and people should not count on them for important file storage regardless of brand. . . (Click for the complete article, subscription required.)

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The manufacturers of every new gadget and program claim that they're easy to use. But are they, really? (Click for the complete article.)


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Effortless computers and email clients, hot-and-cold-running-bandwidth that whisks 5-megapixel images to the photofinisher, home color printers with professional quality output in a snap, and for peanuts . . . NOT! (Click for the complete article.)

Clear Product Labeling

" . . .industry groups could do a better job of
developing standard labels." 1
EZ Rated's ease-of-use labeling was created in response to some of the critical issues addressed in Cybercitizens Plead for Clarity In High-Tech Product Labeling. 1 The EZ Rated ease-of-use seal is put on technology products/ services and their packaging to quickly and credibly answer two decisive consumer questions:  (Click for the complete article.)

Nabisco Computers

"The real dummies are the people who, though
technically expert, couldn't design hardware and
software that's usable by normal consumers
if their lives depended upon it" 1
TechXNY recently convened here in New York City. A couple years ago the PC Expo component of TechXNY alone would have fully occupied two floors of the Jacob Javitz Convention Center--this year they occupied a small part of one. The Information Technology spending mania of the past two decades is but a memory. I.T. markets now more closely resemble traditional markets--where low cost, high value producers of consumer-friendly products are the ONLY winners/ survivors. (Click for the complete article.)


Yes, bells and whistles sell product. However, these days the frustration resulting from the half-baked technology solutions dominating store shelves is now front-page news, as evidenced by the New York Times Sunday edition (Comforts of Home Yield to Tyranny of Digital Gizmos.  (Click for the complete article.)

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