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The EZ Rated ® Seal system delivers unbiased, professionally determined and presented consumer guidance on a product's ease of setup and first use.

As the UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) seal was created to inform consumers that a product bearing the UL seal has been evaluated for safety, the EZ Rated seal communicates that a product has been evaluated for ease. Before the EZ Rated seal appears on a product, EZ Rated will have determined that the product is:

  • Easy to Set-Up, and . . .
  • Easy to Use the First Time

EZ Rated evaluates each certified product or service for compliance with over 90 individual design attributes. The evaluated items include:

  • The ease with which average consumers comprehend setup/ installation/ assembly and use instructions.

  • The ability of the instructions (written, CD-ROM, video, and quick start) to quickly guide average consumers in the successful completion of the setup/ installation/ assembly and use processes.

  • Legibility and formats of the included materials, e.g., documentation, labeling, etc.

  • Access to customer support options.

  • The package labeling and illustrations--for completeness and accuracy.

  • The maximum time it takes average consumers to install/ assemble and use the evaluated product or service.

EZ Rated produces standards for the following product categories:

EZ #1 Appliance
EZ #2 Computing
EZ #3 Consumer Electronics
EZ #4 Do-It-Yourself Project
EZ #5 Equipment
EZ #6 Furniture
EZ #7 Service

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