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Case Study:

Digital Camera Owner

Many costs are directly linked to the lack of efficiency in the setup and first use of a digital camera; we offer this case history of a camera owner as an illustration. This individual was identified during EZ Rated's test group recruitment for a leading manufacturer's digital camera evaluation. He was allowed to participate in product evaluation to facilitate our greater understanding of this particular digital camera owner's experience. His results were not included in the data collected for the customer.

This customer purchased a digital camera roughly six months ago for $290.00 from the same manufacturer as that of the evaluation unit. He claimed that he and his wife had spent weeks, hours on end, attempting to get a successful connection between his PC and his new camera. Unsuccessful in his efforts, he asked his father-in-law, who has a digital camera that he uses with a PC, to help. His father-in-law could not get a connection after 20-30 hours of effort either.

Pictures from a trip to Jamaica are trapped in the camera, and he is considered returning the camera. He is no longer using the camera--other than to show friends the Jamaican pictures he took months ago, viewed through the camera LCD.

In the accompanying sound file (edited and disguised--link below), this camera owner is attempting to setup and use the evaluation digital camera. During that process he is asked about his camera ownership experience and expectations to-date, the differences between the evaluation camera and the camera he had purchased at The WIZ, and his feelings about the manufacturer, post purchase. He is also asked about how he intends to resolve his camera dilemma.

Click the blue color link below to hear the case history audio excerpt


duration (14:38 min) - 4.3 MB download

This consumer is a 44-year-old Hispanic male, with some college education, and who recently retired from the NY City Police force.

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